Thursday, February 23, 2012

KPRC 2 anchors obsessed with Chicago?

What is it with KPRC 2 and its staff's obsession with Chicago? Could the Windy City be more important than the Bayou City to them? At news meetings, when someone says channel 2, does WBBM come to mind before KPRC?

I'm bringing this up because current and former KPRCers have recently been hired up there. Deep dish pizza anyone?

The latest is former KPRC 2 reporter Kris Gutierrez. Gutierrez will join CBS 2 Chicago WBBM as a morning anchor.

Gutierrez left KPRC in 2007 for Fox News. He is married to Krystle Gutierrez of Fox 4 KDFW who is obviously leaving for Chicago too.

Ready to take over NBC5 WMAQ mornings is current KPRC 2 weekend anchor Daniella Guzman. Yeah, right up against Gutierrez.

"I'll be heading to NBC 5 in March," Guzman told "Opportunity knocked and I opened the door. I will miss Houston very much!"

That's not all of the KPRC crew in Chicago. In fact the most high profile talent seemed to have a television news death wish while working in Houston. KPRC viewers in the late 90s will remember TV stunt guy Rob Johnson, or the guy who sat next to Dominique Sachse.

Clearly his quest for sweeps stunt ratings paid off. Johnson went on to become a main anchor at WBBM Chicago (where Gutierrez was just hired). I just hope he doesn't have to drive a car into Lake Michigan and try to get out for the February ratings period. Brrrr.

KPRC is not the only station who has flirted with President Obama's former hometown. Fox 26 KRIV has sent some anchors there too.

Former Houston anchor Anna Davlantes has worked at several Chicago stations (currently Fox owned WFLD-Channel 32). Also at WFLD is former Fox 26 morning anchor Jan Jeffcoat.

Of course it could simply be that Chicago is market number 3 and Houston is market 10. The closer a market is to number 1 - the more pay and prestige for talent lucky enough to work there.

In these cases, the Chicago jobs were also steps up from what these folks were doing in Houston too.

Who knows, maybe KPRC morning anchor Jennifer Reyna could go to Chicago to become the next Oprah! (A shameless Reyna mention on my part to spike up my traffic. What, you think people read this blog for the good content?  Hah.)


  1. Don't forget Sylvia Perez. She worked at KPRC before going to WLS-TV.

    Jim Rosenfield also went to Chicago from KTRK. He later anchored at WCBS.

  2. The trail from KPRC in Houston to "Chicawgo" was blazed a long time ago. Remember Kenny Boles? Kenny is a Lufkin native who broke into news at KTRE TV in the 1970s.

    He was a fine field reporter and producer at KPRC TV in the late 70s and early 80s, till he moved to Chicago to Executive Produce the news at WBBM TV.

    He left WBBM in 1986, and I think he moved to another Chicago station, maybe WMAQ, but I'm not certain of that.

    At any rate, after knocking around in big time TV for who knows how long, Kenny is back in east Texas now, where he's the News Director at KLTV TV in Tyler.

    I watch their news every night, and let me tell you he has put together a very fine staff of anchors and reporters who put a really professional and good looking newscast on the air. They really stand out here in east Texas.

  3. You forgot to mention Bill Bellis who worked at KPRC from May/1999-7/2003 is also in Chicago at fox WFLD and he is the chief there. So the fox station WFLD currently has three Houston talent.

  4. Nesita Kwan from KHOU to WMAQ

  5. Gosh, if I worked or lived in Houston I would want to escape as soon as possible. The bugs are so numerous and gigantic along the canal that I hate to go there!


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