Wednesday, February 15, 2012

KIII 3 increases morning show with John Thomas Kobos

KIII anchor John Thomas Kobos

A year ago to the day, I told you how John Thomas Kobos was taking over the morning anchor desk at KIII 3 Corpus Christi. Well, there is more news from that station now.

The morning show, named First Edition, is adding an extra 30 minutes to the broadcast beginning next Monday February 20th. That means the show is starting at 5am instead of 5:30am. It runs till 7am. Employees at Fox stations are now asking themselves what does the station air until 10am then?

I hear the show, anchored by Kobos and meteorologist Caitilin Espinosa (a Houston native), is doing quite well in the ratings so it's not surprising they are getting more time on the air.

Kobos was previously at KFSN 30 in Fresno - Espinosa at KVEO in Brownsville.

Last week, I blogged how Dan Robbins took over as vice president and general manager of KIII-TV and new sister channel, ME-TV.


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  2. wasn't Dan Robbins over at KBMT-TV?


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