Thursday, January 05, 2012

New 740 KTRH and 950 KTRH lineup schedule 2012

I told you yesterday about some 2012 programming lineup schedule changes at NewsRadio 740 KTRH and The 950 KPRC.

For one thing, Houston radio listeners get mega-doses of Michael Berry and Matt Patrick on the two Houston Clear Channel stations. Glenn Beck is also moving from 740 KTRH to 950 KPRC from 10am to 12pm. A domino effect ensues where Michael Garfield moves to 12pm to 2pm (The High Tech Texan shows remains Saturdays 11am to 2pm) and Outlaw Dave to 8pm to 10pm. Outlaw Radio is back!

All this starts January 9th.

NewsRadio 740 KTRH programming lineup schedule 2012

Monday through Friday
4am - 5am  --    Wall Street Journal This Morning
5am - 8am --     Houston’s Morning News with Matt Patrick
8am - 11am --   Michael Berry
11am - 2pm --   Rush Limbaugh
2pm - 5pm --    Sean Hannity
5pm - 7pm --    Michael Berry
7pm - 10pm --  Mark Levin
10pm - 4am --  Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

The 950 KPRC programming lineup schedule 2012

Monday through Friday
5am - 6am --       Best of Joe Pags
6am - 10am --     Joe Pags
10am - 12pm --   Glenn Beck
12pm - 2pm --    Michael Garfield
2pm - 5pm --      Matt Patrick
5pm - 8pm --      Michael Savage
8pm - 10pm --    Outlaw Dave
10pm - 1am --    Dennis Miller
1am - 3am --      Phil Hendrie
3am - 5am --     Mancow


  1. What's the point of having two radio stations that run nearly identical programming? It speaks volumes about what Clear Channel management thinks about the intelligence of their own listeners. "Feed them crap...because they'll eat it."

    Michael Berry twice a day on KTRH? Really? That idiot loves to hear himself speak.

    And Outlaw Dave? That guy hasn't been relevant in Houston radio in years. His show is awful! Why is he even still on their airwaves? Has been...never will be again. All that we'd expect from a guy who stole the "Outlaw" persona from someone else.

    It also speaks volumes about their inability to create original, quality programming.

  2. I find it odd that Clear Channel is promoting Berry, given that Pags is on the Talkers top 100 -- at number 57 even. Berry is nowhere on there. Even Chris Baker with his little show is on the also ran list. Nothing of Berry.

    It makes me think Berry has a small group who are pushing him. Perhaps it includes some of all those names he's always dropping.

    At least Dan Patrick doesn't name drop like Berry does.

    It's pathetic.

  3. I too am tired of Michael thing you know it'll be a Michael Berry 24/7 station.

  4. I found myself on occasion listening to MIcheal berry in the late afternoons. I don['t see myself
    tuning in much to this much exposure of that same personality.

    I find that lineup they've done on both stations rather repitiioius.
    Best of Joe Pags then Joe Pags? Sigh.
    Why not just Joe Pags and put something else on in the hour before..?
    Joe Pags is another ranter I can only take so much of, mainly due to the way he treats callers.
    Lately, and I mean the past year. I find myself using internet sources to find talk radio I like as the local selection is so limited.
    ONe of my favs is to catch Phil Valentine in the afternoons. Yah, conservative (like me) but not a asshat hell bent on treating callers like
    pinheads and not prone to yelling and flicking spittle into the mic.
    As for the early AM lineup, pity we are all limited to idiot UFO talk and that Hendrie idiot (who is amazingly talented,but still a
    Thats another reason to use internet to listen to the radio when one can. Check out Tunein Radio.

  5. yeah, and why would anyone even THINK of replacing Glenn Beckwith Michael Berry??


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