Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Changes at 740 KTRH and 950 KPRC

Some changes for Houston Clear Channel stations NewsRadio 740 KTRH and The 950 KPRC. For one thing, Houston radio listeners get more Michael Berry, meanwhile Glenn Beck moves to 950AM and more. Here is the Clear Channel release from today:

Clear Channel Radio announced today that Houston’s top talk show will now be heard twice a day on KTRH, effective Monday, Jan. 9, 2012. The popular Michael Berry show will continue to air weekdays from 5-7:00 p.m. and will also air weekday mornings from 8-11:00 a.m. on AM 740 KTRH. Berry has served the Houston community as a former Mayor Pro Tem and city councilman.

“We heard from KTRH listeners that they wanted more of the Michael Berry Show, and our goal is to provide listeners with programming they want to hear. Local talk is alive and well in Houston,” said Bryan Erickson, Director of AM Operations, Clear Channel Radio. “Going into a huge election year, and at a time when politics are on everyone’s mind, this lineup reflects our listeners’ passion.”

“Our commitment to provide the best local talk and news content is stronger than ever. While most news operations around the country are downsizing, we’re adding staff to our news team,” said Erickson.

KTRH is a 50,000 watt heritage station that began broadcasting in 1922 and has the largest signal in Texas. Berry will replace Glenn Beck in the mornings. Beck’s program will broadcast on sister station, KPRC 950 AM, weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon. The KTRH Morning News with Matt Patrick and Lois Melkonian will air weekdays from 5-8:00 a.m. Patrick will take over Berry’s weekday hosting position on KPRC AM 950 from 2-5:00 p.m.

“Patrick has been a great addition to the station,” said Erickson. “He is eager to take on this new opportunity and challenge.”

“I am excited for both Michael Berry and Matt Patrick; both are incredibly smart and entertaining. Berry and Patrick are two of our companies rising superstars and I am pleased that their loyal listeners will now be able to hear them in both mornings and afternoons,” said Houston Clear Channel Market Manager Eddie Martiny.

The KTRH lineup will feature Houston’s Morning News from 5-8:00 a.m.; the Michael Berry Show from 8-11:00 a.m.; the Rush Limbaugh Show from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Sean Hannity from 2-5:00 p.m.; the Michael Berry Show from 5-7:00 p.m.; and Mark Levin from 7-10:00 p.m.

Fans can listen to KTRH, on the station’s website,, as well as on and the iHeartRadio mobile app, Clear Channel’s best-in-class customizable digital listening experience, offering more than 800 of the nation's most popular live broadcast and digital-only radio stations, plus user-created Custom Stations which provide listeners more songs, better music intelligence, more user control and deeper social media integration, all combined in one free, fully-integrated service.

I noticed that Michael Garfield's time slot on KPRC is being filled by Glenn Beck. Waiting to find out what happens to the High Tech Texan's show The World According to Garf on weekdays.

UPDATE: The Clear Channel media rep told me the new 950 KPRC schedule and then it was released on the station's Facebook page:

6a-10 Joe Pags
10a-Noon Glenn Beck
Garf will now be Noon-2pm weekdays
2p-5p Matt Patrick
5p-8p Michael Savage
Outlaw Dave goes to 8-10pm week nights
10p-1a Dennis Miller


  1. Sorry, but if I want just the news, I no longer tune into KTRH...the 2 stations are way too political and one sided...shame

  2. They are going to cede the real local news coverage to News 92. That's fine. I already don't miss 740's "news".

  3. Ditto..between KUHF and KROI (News 92) that's all you need. If I wanted conservative talk, I'd go to KTRH. I think they gave up on doing news several years ago. Just my two cents worth.

  4. It's the shuffling of chairs on the sinking Titanic. Eddie Martiny should be so proud of how he destroyed the radio cluster. Way to go, dude!!!!

  5. Too bad, I listen during the work day and love Randy and Dave. Guess I will have to go elsewhere. Glen and Mike are not condusive to the work place and only make people more upset and angry. Not the atmosphere I need in my office.

  6. I enjoyed listening to Glenn in the morning and Michael in the evening, going to and from work. That way I was at least getting two different perspectives. Now I won't be able to listen to Glenn because I am at work by the time he is on the air and our office only has music on the radio by that time...I wish that 740 would have left it the way it was.

  7. I don't like it either. I liked it the way it was. I like my Glen on my way in and MIchael on way home! At 10 I will already be at my destination and will miss Glen.

    Why mess up a good thing??

  8. 950 was great the way it was.......Berry the racist was sometimes "amusing".....Beck is whiney....Pags/Garf/Dave - that was the best.....I hate the time change and shuffling....Beck=yuck


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