Tuesday, January 03, 2012

KTRK 13 reporter Cynthia Cisneros becomes VP

Cynthia Cisneros with Payton Rae
courtesy of paytonraemusic.com
I hear longtime KTRK 13 reporter Cynthia Cisneros is leaving the TV news world but still staying with the ABC owned and operated station.

Turns out, Cisneros is taking over the role of Vice President of Community Affairs for the station. Denise Bates, who formerly held that title, left the station in October.

In this new VP role, Cisneros will be organizing KTRK events like the Share Your Holidays Food Drive, Caring Cradles and the Houston E-Cycle Drive among other duties.

UPDATE:  I must have had too many Dr Pepper Icees over the holiday because I had a brain freeze.  Cisneros will also oversee channel 13 community affairs shows like Viva Houston, Crossroads, Visions and Cityview.  Bates never hosted those shows, but previous people in that position did, like Regina Hall. Since Cisneros is a reporter, it is probably a safe bet she will host some of them at one time or another. (Trivia moment: I got my first production job in TV based on the fact that I ran camera for Crossroads as a KTRK intern)

If you are hiring someone as a community liaison, Cisneros is a good choice. Clearly she is well known by Houston TV viewers and is also from the area. According to her bio, Cisneros grew up in the city of South Houston and graduated from the University of Houston. She even worked at Astroworld.

After working in radio in East Texas as well as a reporter role at KBAK-TV in Bakersfield, California, Cisneros landed at KTRK in August of 1989. She's been with the station ever since while winning several awards along the way.

- Houston TV journalists honored


  1. As a Houston radio reporter who covered a lot of stories in Houston over many years, I got to now Cynthia "Cindy" Cisneros very well. I am here to testify that she is one of the kindest, sweetest and most "real" people you will ever meet.

    She was always a classy and first rate reporter, and KTRK has made a fantastic choice in putting her in charge of Community Affairs.

  2. Congratulations to Cynthia! She's a consummate professional.

  3. Congrats to Cindy! However, the station will miss that Hispanic presence and she had a lot of connections in Galveston/South Houston when it came to stories.

  4. Awesome! Cynthia LITERALLY took my hand on my first day at KTRK and said if I ever need anything, to give her a call! I'm sad that I may not see her on television, but excited that she is moving up!

  5. She is an excellent choice and I am proud of her and and for the Station. I do hope she has time to continue SOME reporting. I have enjoyed her reports for 25 years. I am getting old now "70", but she is still My Gal. I love having local folks reporting for us as they know what they are doing. Other Stations seem to hire outsiders who can't even pronounce the names of our streets correctly.

  6. My dad was the Army Reserve recruitor in Huntsville from 1968-76 and I know he recruited a "Cisneros",(don't know the 1st name)during this time. Everytime I'd see a report from Cynthia, I'd wonder if that was her dad. Is there a possibility? M S Duncan L. Hooker was very well thought of, by his recruits. He died in 2002, but a couple of years prior, they had reunions in Huntsville thanking him for that chapter in their lives.


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