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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

KPRC 2 news management changes

A memo sent to KPRC 2 staffers at the beginning of the week details some management changes in the station's news department.

First, assistant news director Rick McFarland is now the senior executive producer in charge of the areas like special assignments, the investigative unit, scheduling and sports.

 A spokesperson for KPRC tells, "this a great thing for him and the station." In addition he added that McFarland is a big asset to the team, he is well respected and needed in that kind of role.

In January I blogged that McFarland was stepping down from his role as the station's news director. The assistant ND position is the job McFarland held for 10 years until he was upped to news director in 2009. According to his online bio, McFarland started at KPRC in June 1980 in the sports department and has moved up through the years.

Also mentioned in the memo, KPRC News Content Director, Geoff Dankert, who started with the station at the beginning of the summer has resigned. Dankert came to Houston from Chicago where he worked as the assistant news director at Fox owned and operated station WFLD 32. The Chicago Tribune previously reported Dankert was with that station for 12 years.

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