Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KPRC 2 news director Rick McFarland steps down to assistant news director

Straight from the pages of mega-agent Rick Gevers, KPRC 2 news director Rick McFarland is reportedly stepping down to assistant news director. Assistant ND is the job McFarland held for 10 years until he was upped to news director in 2009. According to his online bio, McFarland started at the station in June 1980 in the sports department and has moved up through the years.

That means there is an opening for the KPRC 2 news director position according to Gevers, so that means no one has been appointed to that gig just yet. I've only communicated with McFarland once, he seemed like a really nice guy.

This makes me wonder what happened to current assistant news director Kathy Williams? She landed at KPRC 2 after leaving KRIV 26 as news director in 2009.

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  1. kathy was fired or something. like 2 months ago.

  2. I guess karma finally caught up with Kathy Williams. What goes around...

  3. Jalene Blanscet10/13/2011 12:05:00 PM

    Could not hold my tongue even though this is old. She was not "fired or something." She has a critical illness in her family and first took off for a couple of months ( that's why her office sat empty ) and then RESIGNED. We are her neighbors and friends. And the erroneous information coming from so called journalists is why we don't trust local news. And before you type something else cruel, remember Karma works for you too. And by the way, since what I'm saying is true, I dont' mind using my name.


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