Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is KHOU 11 getting a new set?


It's obvious from all the changes that I've blogged about recently, that KHOU 11 is getting an overhaul right now. Now a source tells me that the Belo owned station is getting a new set too. The new set will most likely be ready for the debut of new main anchor Lisa Hernandez of abc7 KABC fame. So that means late October.

In the meantime, you can see that the anchors are doing the newscasts from the newsroom. A temporary looking set has been squeezed in which kind of resembles the way KPRC 2's set looked for many years.

- KHOU 11 welcomes KABC anchor Lisa Hernandez
- KHOU 11 hires KABC's Lisa Hernandez as main anchor
- KHOU 11 grabs reporter Larry Seward from KSHB Kansas City


  1. Lisa Hernandez's first broadcast will be October 24th, Larry Seward left KSHB on October 7th. His first reporting will be November 7th, Len Cannon is the only anchor to be on at 4 and 6PM. Shern-Min Chow will be on at 4pm with Len Cannon on October 24th.

  2. The set they have now is only a year or 2 old, right?

  3. That is a good point I should have mentioned. I believe the current set has only been around for something like two years.

  4. They don't need a new set. It looks fine to me right now.

  5. Much like KPRCs weatherman/traffic girl chat; side boob camera angles; and robotic standups their anchors do duringthe news, all of these changes are just smopkie and mirrors. Like Ron White said, you can't fix stupid (or to paraphrase, you can't fix crap talent).

  6. They should sell the current set to the new NBC affiliate KAGS-HD which is launching in Bryan/College Station next Monday.


    Did you know about that Mike?

  7. Local news will go away in 10 years or less. Why do TV GM's still think sets make a difference? They don't.

  8. I'd like to hear more about KAG-HD. KBTX has been the only game in town there for years. Hope you can get more info, Mike. Do they not have their own set??


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