Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mikemcguff.com wins CBS Houston's Most Valuable Blogger contest

I told you Fox 26 KRIV was my favorite TV station after it promoted my blog during prime time.

And now all of CBS Houston's properties (100.3 KILT-FM, HOT 95-7 KKHH-FM, MIX 96-5 KHMX-FM, Mega 101 FM KLOL, SportsRadio 610 KILT-AM and Talk 650 KIKK-AM) are my favorite radio stations. Why? Because I won my category in the CBS Houston Most Valuable Blogger contest!

I want to thank those that nominated me and you for all of the votes. It means a lot.

I win an Amazon card from CBS, but I think I want more:

- I want free airtime on all of the CBS Houston stations - the mikemcguff.com hour sounds awesome
- Hold Rich Lord's hand while he is reporting from the Houston Texans sidelines
- Have cupcakes with Anna-Megan Raley and Cleverley Stone
- Attend a Justin Bieber concert with Hot 95.7's Kelly Kelly (I will call her 'Lauren') and then make Lady Gaga t-shirts together...like OMG...we're two monsters
- Shop for an Affliction shirt with Kidd Kraddick
- Walk in Pinto Ranch with 100.3 KILT's Cowboy Dave, turn around, then walk across the parking lot to Tasti D-Lite

Enough fun...thanks again.


  1. Congrats Mike!

  2. That is so awesome! I am ultra proud of you! If you are free this Sunday...I definitely have something you can BLOG about!

  3. Awesome. Mazel Tov! Supahstah!

  4. whatever. It's still not as good as starting your own company with Mr. Jones

  5. Well deserved - I'm glad my vote counted for something. Congrats!

  6. Many congrats Mike! You deserve it!

  7. Congratulations, friend! You deserve it. As to those demands, think big. How about BIG BROTHER XIV? House guest Mike from Houston!

  8. Congrats, Mike! Well deserved.

    I used the JFK voting method to pitch in. "Vote early, vote often."

  9. Hey the grape,

    Don't forget that Nixon did the same thing in the 1960 election. I love it when republicans act like they know everything.


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