Monday, September 12, 2011

Houston Chronicle's suffers outage

I only mention this because it is a very rare event, but Monday night at 9pm I noticed the Houston Chronicle's website was offline. Not just the front page, but even individual articles.

Content director of, Dean Betz, told me the site was up again by 10pm Monday but could not offer me any more details.

Give the guy a break, he is out of town right now. I appreciate him getting back to me so quickly.

I could not find any mention of the outage on or the paper's Twitter/Facebook accounts. Readers will be ok as long as Style Profile is back.


  1. Hopefully the power-outage at the Chron managed to wipe out all digital copies of the insufferably-unfunny 'Doonesbury' comic strip...

  2. @Lavender Darwin,

    So are you a Mallard Fillmore fan? If you are then you probably don't like our President Obama for certain features about him.

    See this link:

  3. I'm hacked at for taking away my personalized comics pages, so I'm not in the mood for giving anybody a break.


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