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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did KPRC 2 anchor desk drive male viewers crazy last weekend?

This past weekend the stars aligned, the sky was bluer and life was more vibrant for many KPRC 2 male viewers. Why was it such a perfect two days? You got Jennifer Reyna anchoring in the morning and Nefertiti Jaquez in the evening.

"But McGuff, why would you make this claim," you ask.

Both Reyna and Jaquez are in the top 10 reader searches for 2011 so far. Reyna comes in at number 6, Jaquez at number 8. The only people who came in ahead of them were talk show host Chris Baker and former Fox 26 KRIV anchor Mike Barajas (and both of these guys had job changes to make them such popular searches). Former KHOU 11 anchor Lisa Foronda shows up in between Reyna and Jaquez. Other spots are filled up with 106.9 The Zone and various versions "Mike McGuff" and "blog". As you might guess, a certain crime dog shows up and hijacks my last name in the number 10 spot.

Get this, if I am writing a blog post at 10pm on a normal week night, and I check my live blog reader stats at that moment, I can tell you if Jaquez is working. How? She will immediately be the top keyword search after she hits the channel 2 airwaves. I don't even have to turn on the TV to check. As for Ms. Reyna, she is not only the number 6 keyword, she comes in at number 11 with user search query "jennifer reyna married," and 20 with "jennifer reyna hawaiian tropic." Yes, that means web surfers are searching those phrases on Google and finding this blog even though I've never written about either topic.

Here is video of Jaquez behind the anchor desk with Joel Eisenbaum from last weekend. Speaking of Eisenbaum, I found video of him from the previous weekend co-anchoring with his own wife, Amy Davis. If I were a better blogger, I would have caught that and written about it already. The post could have been a clever Ken Hoffman like interview with the TV news couple.  Well, that's why he gets paid the big bucks and I don't I guess.

The reason for the game of KPRC musical anchors is because of the well publicized baby train many KPRC staffers have been riding lately. Courtney Zavala and Daniella Guzmán are still out on maternity leave so someone has to fill in for them.

And another note, our time to watch KPRC 2 and future WSB reporter Carl Willis is winding down as he leaves for Atlanta. So enjoy him while you can. In fact, I hear next weekend is his last on Houston TV. Good luck Carl. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here