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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KSAT 12 grabs producer from KTRK 13

Looks like KTRK 13 associate producer Joseph Lopez is going west on I-10 to KSAT 12 in San Antonio as a producer. I recently blogged how KSAT is adding newscasts.

"I'm going to miss everyone at 13," Lopez told "It truly was an honor and a pleasure to work at Houston's TV news leader. KTRK has taught me to always bring my A-game when producing a show. I've taken so much knowledge from the producers, EPs, and the man at ship's helm, Dave Strickland."

It's interesting to note that Lopez is only 21 years old. He actually started at KTRK at age 19. He believes he might be the youngest producer in KTRK history since he has filled in as one. While I don't know if he is the youngest ever, he has to be one of the youngest for sure.

Previously Lopez worked for Clear Channel in Houston at NewsRadio 740 KTRH, SportsTalk 790 KBME, The 9-5-0 Radio Mojo KPRC.

Lopez assures me he will not forget Houston. He plans to visit often and will have an official going away party in July or August. He says everyone is invited (he better be careful what he wishes for!).

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