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Thursday, May 19, 2011 launches in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio; TV show coming is a site that has launched around the country including Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  It will eventually morph into a TV show. I talked with Fisher Communications VP of Lifestyle Content KyAnn Lewis (you also might know her as the former KIAH 39 news director) about the site and how it's gaining traction in Houston and Texas.

Mike McGuff: First, what is GalTime?

KyAnn Lewis: is an online women's lifestyle magazine featuring topics like love, sex, parenting, food, fashion and travel. We have a huge group of women who contribute to the site. These "gals" range from site users who comment and blog on the site, to journalists (like me) and a wide variety of experts.

We started out as a national website and then began launching local versions of the site in cities around the country with Houston being one of them. We have a lively and passionate community of women in every city who contribute ideas and content.

MM: How will it break into the Houston market?

KL: GalTime Houston kinda came to us. We'd always planned to launched to Houston, but from the day that went live, we saw lots of traffic and interaction from women in the Houston-area. Launching a Houston version of the site just made sense.

Juddeth-Morgahn Miller

Because GalTime's a fun site, we get lots of requests from women wanting to write for the site. In Houston, we've got a great team of contributors - specifically Juddeth-Morgahn Miller who is our "Go-To Gal". She shops, eats and drinks in order to keep Houston gals current about what's hot around town. We're also working with Veronika of the popular website, Veronika's Blushing, who writes about home decor and fashion. We have a partnership with Vicki Powers of the successful website, Houston On The Cheap, who keeps GalTime Houston readers in-the-know about deals and freebies. And we have other contributors slated to join the team in the coming weeks.

Right now, Houston GalTime is gradually building and we're expecting it to become as successful as many of our other GalTime markets. We've also recently brought GalTime to San Antonio and Dallas and we're working to add contributors there.

As we continue to add more cities to our list of websites, we'll eventually be adding a GalTime TV show that will air in markets around the country.

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