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Saturday, April 23, 2011

SXSW getting too big for Austin? Move it to Houston!

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My Friday evening tweet on the possibility of SXSW moving out of Austin got a huge reaction. Naturally myself and other pro-Houston folks said, "Move that sucker here!"

The contrarian in me says SXSW is all about Austin. The annual festival celebrates Austin's live music heritage as well as its tech scene. How could it move? But then being a native Houstonian, I quickly forget about all that jazz and want it here (at least Houston does benefit with some artists stopping by here before or after SXSW performances)!

But before Houstonians get ready to party and buy expensive wrist bands, hold your horses. San Antonio is trying to get the SXSW festival reports The Austin Businesses Journal:

Concerns about Austin's ability to accommodate South by Southwest have expanded beyond crowd control and crime.

The city is worried it may not have enough rooms for the throng that converges each year for the 10-day music, film and interactive festival.

San Antonio City Councilman John Clamp said he has a solution. Clamp said SXSW organizers should consider moving their event, which attracts international attention, to the Alamo City.

KENS 5 in San Antonio reports the 10 day music, film and interactive conference brings in about 200,000 people every year and generates lots of buzz. Houston can handle 200,000 people. Look how well we handled the Super Bowl and Final Four.

So let's get moving! Houston has already been shuttle snubbed by NASA - here's hoping we can get some good news. Will this help? COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here