Wednesday, April 20, 2011

KIAH 39 cancels two shows; Yolanda Green leaving station

After 17 years with the station, TV host and community relations director Yolanda Green is leaving KIAH 39 at the end of this week.

"I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my time at the station," Green told "My tenure at KIAH provided me with an opportunity to do what I love which is working to help the under served."

Among other community oriented shows, Green hosts Going Green with Yolanda Green, a weekly program that highlights businesses, commercial products, government programs and local initiatives "making significant strides in ensuring our communities are eco-friendly."

KIAH 39 general manager Roger Bare confirmed to me that the last episode of Going Green airs this weekend.

According to Green's bio, while at KIAH, she has helped the Houston community through the CW39 Cares for Kids Fund by facilitating the distribution of more than $9 million to local non-profit agencies. She was also the driving force behind establishing a comprehensive broadcast public service campaign that has helped nearly 5,500 children find adoptive homes.

"My future plans are to continue working in the community," Green said

You can follow Green through her website.

Bare also confirmed to me that the KIAH produced Houston automotive program called Anything That Rolls is also being cancelled. ATR's final show also airs this weekend.


  1. I wish Yolanda Green well.

  2. Yolanda was one of the few good things 39 had going for them. Her leaving will be a definite loss to the Houston TV community. ATR...not so much.

    It's sad to see this station cut off its link to the city and go with syndicated pap. Cheaper? Maybe, but I can watch that on cable, along with other better ORIGINAL programming.

    Bare is truly a manager of 2011: profit over people at every turn. Watch out, guy... soon it will be time for you to reap what you sewn: nothing.

  3. Let's be honest, does anyone even watch CW 39. I don't know ONE PERSON THAT DOES. NOT ONE!
    I didn't watch her stories regularly at all, but yolanda's stories (when I did see them) were good.
    This station is going to the crapper fast.

    Mike are there any anchors or reporters at that station still, espc. mia gradney??

  4. Remember the days when 39 (KHTV then) was one of the highest rated indies in the nation? Thanks, Tribune for making KIAH as boring and generic as humanly possible.


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