Tuesday, March 01, 2011

TV reporter breaks up fight on camera

I remember hearing about the classic video of former KTRK 13 reporter Carlos Aguilar trying to shoot a stand up in the field, but ending up chasing down a suspect running from Houston police. [WATCH THAT HERE]

In Seattle, KOMO reporter Shomari Stone was recently trying to shoot a stand up at the famous Pike Place Market, when a fight breaks out. Stone jumps in and the photographer keeps on shooting...


  1. That was stupid!

  2. As a former reporter, I know that you are never supposed to BE the story, just cover it. That being said, Shomari's actions were extremely admirable and, even though I am sure he cringed at the thought of being the story, he did an excellent job. I am proud there are men like him in this world who are willing to step up. His colleagues and friends and family should be proud of him. Even breaking up a fight, he was calm and tried to help the situation instead of amping it up. Never once did you hear him curse. He explained. It takes a lot to be that calm in extreme circumstances like that. Hats off.

  3. It was still stupid!

  4. If a fight between two thugs happens without a camera around, is it still news?

    I think not.

    That's a better YouTube video that news segment. Just because it happens on camera, doesn't mean it needs to be aired.


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