Wednesday, January 05, 2011

KSAT 12 takes Justin Horne, KIAH 39 gets Jene' Rockwood

Here's a post that will interest both Houston and San Antonio readers.

You might have noticed KIAH 39 weekend meteorologist Justin Horne has disappeared from the Houston TV airwaves. That's because he is now the relief meteorologist for KSAT 12 in San Antonio.

"I can truly say that I will miss Houston, but San Antonio has been great to me so far," Horne told the blog. "KSAT has been a wonderful place to work, and I am excited about my move, and the opportunity to stay in my home state of Texas."

Horne previously worked at KSAN in San Angelo and KMID in Midland.

If I am not mistaken, KSAT is the number 1 station in The Alamo City. It is also owned by Post-Newsweek which makes it the sister station to KPRC 2.

So who has taken over Horne's weekend weather duties at KIAH 39? It's meteorologist Jene' Rockwood. She previously worked at WKRG in Mobile, Alabama and KTRE Lufkin.

WKRG viewers will know her as Jene' Young. Yes, you do recognize her new last name, Rockwood. That's because Jene' came to Houston to marry former KIAH 39 reporter Mike Rockwood.


  1. And I thought that KIAH wasnt going to hire more folks. I thought they were switching to (Radio-TV). This is y it is all about who u know. They could have filled the position locally and found a up and coming star. I guess not.

  2. Jene Rockwood is hot!

  3. We miss you Jene! Come back home to Bama country.

  4. You can have Justin Horne back in Houston. Here in San Antonio he is incredibly bland with no expression. He rarely ever cracks a smile. I believe he just stares at the TelePrompTer without connecting with his audience.

  5. Justin Horne is good looking and possibly charming outside of the studio, but he needs a new place to do his news casting. I apologize for being hurtful, but he sucks. He never connects with viewers, and stinks at telling us the weather. I prefer WOAI to KSAT anyway, they're reliable, and Cleto is awesome.

  6. Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching justin Horne. Perhaps KSAT will wake up and smell the coffee.

  7. I was madly in love with Jene when she was on the air in Mobile, AL. I love her no less now, even though she's out in Texas. Jene, if you read this, call me. I've already told me wife that I'll leave her if you just say the word!


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