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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Former KPRC 2 anchor Jerome Gray now METRO PR dude

I should have guessed that something was going on at METRO (the bus operator for those outside of Houston) when many of their employees starting hunting for Jerome Gray on my blog.

Turns out the former KPRC 2 and KHOU 11 anchor is now the transportation agency's main spokesperson reports the Houston Press. They got the press release, I didn't.

Gray, as you might remember, was not renewed at KPRC earlier this year. We still have not seen an official replacement for Gray on the Channel 2 anchor set that I'm aware of.

Richard Connelly reports Gray will make $170,000 a year. Not quite big time anchor money, but I sure wouldn't complain.

- Jerome Gray to leave KPRC 2
- KPRC's Jerome Gray with Roula, Ryan, and Producer Eric on 104.1 KRBE


  1. Another unwanted Liberal Nut Job in a goverment job.

  2. Great, another right-wing hating nutjob who wants to turn every little thing like this political... wow.


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