Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Antenna TV is coming to KIAH 39.2 - where will Universal Sports move in Houston?

This is a good time to crave old, retro TV shows from your youth. KPRC 2 broadcasts This TV on 2.2 and The Retro Television Network (RTV) is on 34.2 KUVM.

Now Tribune is launching Antenna TV. In Houston it will air on KIAH 39.2 at the beginning of 2011. Here is an Antenna TV programming schedule.

Houston TV viewers have been emailing me wondering what will happen to Universal Sports which currently airs on 39.2.

Don't worry. KIAH 39 General Manager (and my boss) Roger Bare tells me Universal Sports is moving to 39.3 in Houston.



  1. Will Antenna TV be HD or SD?

  2. Universal Sports has already jumped to 39.3. A promo slate for Antenna TV is airing on 39.2.
    On Comcast, Antenna TV will be on 312. Universal Sports stays put on 319.

    Antenna TV will be in SD.

  3. Will Directv carry this station?


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