Friday, November 12, 2010

Hudson and Harrigan replaced by Corey Foley and Greg Thunder on 100.3 KILT

The long awaited announcement concerning the Hudson and Harrigan replacements on the 100.3 KILT morning show is here.

The station announced Friday that Corey Foley and Greg Thunder will serve as the station’s new morning show team.

Corey Foley most recently handled morning drive at KBWF (The Wolf) San Francisco and is a veteran of The Dave Ryan Show at KDWB Minneapolis. She has worked mornings at KDWB Minneapolis, Kiss 105.3 in Gainesville and Wild 94.1 in Tampa.

“I’m thrilled to work at such a legendary station and am excited to join CBS RADIO in Houston,” Foley said in a statement.

Greg Thunder comes to Houston from his No. 1-rated morning show at KS-95 in Minneapolis. He has worked across multiple formats at the likes of KMPS Seattle, KDWB Minneapolis, KALC Denver, WQHT New York and WPLJ New York.

“My wife and I are incredibly excited to call Houston our new home," he said. "I am really looking forward to working with Corey. We’re thrilled about the new show and having a lot of fun in the morning on 100.3 KILT.”

“We’re all very excited about the new morning show for KILT," said KILT Program Director and CBS RADIO Houston’s Vice President of Music Programming Mark Adams. "Greg and Corey both possess a wealth of major market competitive experience and are dedicated professionals. I’m confident they’re going to be a great addition to our station.”

This move solidifies the 100.3 KILT weekday line-up with Foley and Thunder from 5:00–9:00AM, Erin Austin from 9:00–3:00PM and Rowdy Yates from 3:00–7:00PM.

Yates has been running the morning show since Hudson and Harrigan were shown the door.

The four-hour show will debut Monday, Nov. 15 at 5:00AM and can be heard on-air, online at and via a variety of mobile devices.

Hudson & Harrigan gone from 100.3 KILT


  1. What a damn shame! Houston Radio just got more stupid.Thank GOD for the ROADHOUSE on SERIUS SAT Radio

  2. I think it's a good move, even thought I've never heard them. They need new blood and better dj's on that station. I think they need to replace Erin, Rowdy and everyone else they have on the air with really good, fun dj's!!!

  3. Okay, I listened to them. They sound like every other morning show. NO CREATIVITY IN RADIO!!! They all talk about the same things!! Also, why are pd's that copy ideas from other stations, considered to be great, smart programmers?

  4. It looks like Houston radio listeners just got dumber. First, Serius is spelled Sirius. Secondly, Hudson and Harrigan were old news. Really you listened to them??? Listen for a few weeks before you judge them. I find it hilarious when spiteful listeners comment about something they are clueless on. If you don't like the show, don't listen.

  5. How can I listen for a few weeks when you just told me not to listen to them if I don't like the show? It looks like radio dj's in Houston keep getting dumber and dumber!

  6. I have 47 years old and have listened to H&H for as long as I can remember. I refuse to listen to the other station that bashes commercial time on KILT! So, I guess I will be listening to Audio Books in the morning now. I will NEVER listen to KILT EVER AGAIN! U people are just stupid.

  7. I listened to H& H for many, many yrs. They felt like family & I was disappointed when they left, but life is about change, like it or not. Rowdy was too hyper for me in the AM (he's great @ midday) but I am pleasantly surprised that Corey & Thunder seem to be a pleasant, & entertaining morning show. They make me laugh and CB Dave is a great sidekick. But more than that, they make me want to wake up & listen again and that's what it's all about I think.

  8. We miss you Ken & Corey...btw, WTF happened to Ken?

  9. Corey Corey Corey.... how could you leave us fathful listeners at the WOLF? I miss you so much... the new guy, well he is so full of himself it is too painful to listen to him blow smoke up his own bottom? Not sure what happened but letting you and Ken leave was the worst mistake the WOLF has made to date! The only saving graace on the morning show is my beloved Eddie King! I MISS YOU!

  10. KILT continues to get trashed in the ratings by KKBQ...that's saying something when the morning Zoo show is that bad...surely someone can entertain us better than all that fake laughing.. it's hard to listen to Houston radio without my ears bleeding... man, i miss the Story Guy....i haven't laughed at anything during morning drive time in months. Bob and Tom...John Boy and Billy?.. Any local Billy Bob and Beaudreau would be better than we have now... Heck Larry the Cable Guy started on radio...Help!!


  12. Corey and Cowboy Dave hate each other. You can tell by listining to them.