Thursday, October 07, 2010

KTRK 13 gets new state of the art newsroom (video)

The new KTRK 13 newsroom is here. It was being planned all the way back while I still worked there in 2009. Here is a mostly audio free video (this must have been a video someone narrated over during the big party the station held) showing the newsroom through the years, the construction period and the brand new space.

I'm sure the staff is very happy since they were working in the old news studio space for the last few months.

- KTRK 13 gets a PR!MO editor in Fox 26 KRIV's Alex Luster
- KTRK 13 steals Alex Radow from KIAH 39
- KTRK 13 gets Samica Knight as new reporter


  1. That's a nicely updated space. Good job.
    Small quibble: The frame that's marked "1961" shows a pair of 1965 Chevrolets in the foreground.

  2. I'm impressed you noticed that!

  3. Will Mr. RK be able to run of the building now?!?

  4. Congrats 13 newsies. In an age of cutbacks & downsizing consider yourselves lucky to get a refurb.

    Outside light in a newsroom??? So many offices... are those for the photogs?

  5. Mike McGuff, but at least KTRK gets to keep their current news set with the downtown skyline behind the anchors.


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