Wednesday, September 15, 2010

KIAH 39 loses two reporters; familiar faces fill in

There are some departures and new arrivals to report at KIAH 39.

Most recently it has been announced that reporter Leticia Juarez is leaving Houston for Hollywood! Is she leaving to find love on a reality TV show? No, she's sticking with the TV reporter career and moving on to KABC 7 in LA. Juarez has been in Houston for several years. She started her Texas career at KHOU 11 and later moved to 39.

She received national attention after being proposed to on air this year by her boyfriend Mark Annas. Someone told me at the time that exposure could help her career. No joke. It doesn't get much better than one of the top stations in TV market #2.

If the proposal actually helped Juarez make that big of a career jump, then there are a lot of single local reporters around the nation looking for a potential spouse with a ring and a live camera. If they are married, then they are booking studio/satellite time and looking to renew their vows.

The California native will return to her home state after her last 39 report September 22.

Some older news is that 39 reporter Jason Volentine departed the station last Friday. He took a weekend anchor/general assignment reporter job recently at WXMI Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He's already going to have a friend in the WXMI newsroom. You might remember that former 39 reporter Hailey Frances is the main anchor of that station. Good thing Volentine already knows someone because Frances can teach him how to stay warm during the winter. He might actually prefer Michigan's eight degrees to 100+ degree temps in Houston's summer months though. Plus Ted Nugent is from there.

Volentine's move could be called a family affair since Tribune Company owns both WXMI and KIAH.

So who is replacing these two? We already know the answer to that. If you have turned on 39 in the past few nights you have seen reporting by former KPRC 2 sports anchor Steve Mark and former Fox 26 sports anchor Matt Sampsell.


  1. I'm a fan of Jason Volentine. This is a sad loss to Cw39 (as well as the loss of Leticia Juarez). I still miss Hailey Frances. (John's Blog Space)

  2. good luck letty!

  3. Good luck Letty!! Really have enjoyed your reports!

  4. 39 has made the best of their desperate situation by picking up Sampsell and Marks. It''s too bad that they didn't pick up better , more seasoned reporters from the start.

  5. Agreed. They look more professional now than they ever have.

  6. John, this is jason v, thank you for the kind words... and you'll be happy to know my first day on the anchor desk in GR was marked by a nice surprise, Hailey was filling in for my usual co-anchor and we had a wonderful show together. However I do miss H-town.

  7. Houston is just not a news market if you want to make it big time. I can see why these reporters left or got laid off.


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