Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dr Pepper - now with real sugar

High fructose corn syrup might be fun for college kids to bathe in, but that doesn't mean we always want it in our soft drinks.

Dr Pepper realized this and took out the corn syrup and replaced it with real sugar in limited edition cans. It's all for the Texas soft drink company's 125th anniversary.

I found my limited edition Dr Pepper pack at Beldens (99 Braeswood Sq Houston, TX 77096). Meanwhile Murdock in Dallas reports he is having trouble locating a cool store that carries the real sugar version in the DFW region.

Before I tell you if the stuff is any good, let me throw all my biases on the table. I love Dr Pepper. In fact, I have probably written on this blog before how I might have even chosen Baylor University as my school because Dr Pepper was created in Waco. I can neither confirm nor deny this fact. Let me just say Dr. Pepper Hour rules though.

OK back on topic. Yeah, of course I liked Dr Pepper with real sugar. I will admit I don't drink real Dr Pepper anymore though because of my expanding waistline. Only Diet Dr Pepper now (well except when they release real sugar - screw the waistline). Real Dr Pepper has some kick to it. The real sugar DP is smoother going down. The wife agrees with that too. You can just drink one right after the other. Anyone have a large belt I can borrow?

Could we be seeing more of this real sugar Dr Pepper in the future? According to this article from my old Waco TV station, the answer is possibly. You know, they had to get rid of the real sugar for health reasons or something originally, now people are concerned about the dangers of artificial sweetener. We just can't win can we?

This blog post inspired Murdoch and he found the drink at Tom Thumb - 1380 West Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080.

- Dr Pepper Icee locations in Houston
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- Dr. Pepper Zero is coming?


  1. You can find the real Dr. Pepper in bottles made with real sugar at a meat market in Pasadena called Choice Meat Market. They've been carrying it as longs as I've been going there the past couple of years. It's good stuff.

  2. Actually they got rid of the real sugar version because high fructose corn sweetener was less expensive, at least it was until some moron got the bright idea to make moonshine with it and put in gasoline. Then it got REAL expensive. Coke did the same thing. But they got sneaky with it. They first rolled out "New Coke" with HFCS and when that bombed they went back to the "original formula" except it wasn't REALLY the original formula, they used HCFS instead of sugar in it. Not sure exactly when DP switched or how they did it, they may have slowly shifted from one to the other over time to keep people from noticing.

  3. I would recommend your local thrift store, Goodwill or Salvation Army for your expanding belt needs. Saves money and hell if it's expanding, you'll need to buy more. Why pay new belt prices?

  4. I was getting my fix from HEB on Hwy. 6 N, but yesterday they were out and told me they had never carried it!

  5. I was able to purchase a 12 pack of Dublin Dr. Pepper at Target here in DFW. Also, you can get it on tap at Chicken Express in Denton.

  6. Rorschach, I should have figured it was all about the money. And thanks to everyone who has sent in drink and belt locations!

  7. Hi, Mike.

    Been reading your blog for awhile.

    Another Dr. Pepper ICEE location is the Buck-ees on Crabb River road just south of Hwy 59 near Greatwood. They have had since they opened about year and a half ago.


  8. Yep, and that is why everyone is suddenly offering "made with real sugar" drinks again too. HFCS has gotten really expensive thanks to all that methanol gasoline boondoggle so now they are looking to switch back and they again are doing it sneakily by offering it as a test run and if it becomes popular, making the change permanent, but don't look for the price to come down any.

  9. Check HEB stores for sugar Dr. Pepper and also a new "Dr. B" (HEB store brand) made with sugar. It's a pretty good imitation, I think, and is of course cheaper than the real thing. Just leave some of both on the shelf for me!

  10. Man, I have been looking for them for a long time and finally got it. I hope it tastes good. I found the 12 packs in a Spanish supermarket.


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