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Monday, July 26, 2010

VIDEO: KTRK 13 weather in 1979 with Ed Brandon

Let's go back in time to 1979 at KTRK 13. Weatherman Ed Brandon was doing the weather without the aid of all the computers he uses today when filling in. Back then it was black and white maps and a pointer.

Who was anchoring back in 1979. This video tells was Diana Fallis. According to Wikipedia, Fallis was KTRK's first African American female anchor and later served as a media relations liaison with Prairie View AandM University.

Ed Brandon comments on this post about this time period.

Thanks, Mike. That is an amazing find. While I don't remember that specific cast (there were 17 years of Sunday night, 7-Day forecasts} it apparently was during the period when we were showing off the latest technological advancement of the day...electronic character generation! The word "Chryon" was spoken in a reverential tone. Ed B.

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