Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Houston's The Breakfast Klub to be on Good Morning America

Weekend Good Morning America talent Marysol Castro and the ABC crew were in Houston today shooting a story about The Breakfast Klub in Midtown.

Marysol Castro and Marcus Davis on Twitpic
As they say in the deep south....a good scald makes the fried... on Twitpic

Clearly Castro was impressed.


  1. THE FOOD AT THE PLAE SUCKS! Seems like everyone is riding on the Obama wave...They better enjoy it cause its over in 3 years...He will be a one term Hitler.

  2. The food sucks. So over-rated. I guess they are also riding on the Obama wave. They better enjoy since he will be a a one term HITLER.

  3. Very confused how someone went from breakfast to Obama to Hitler????

  4. Not sure of the correlation between the President, breakfast fodd and Hitler


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