Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Astroworld being torn apart - a satellite view of fun destruction

This post actually makes me sad. Thanks to Bing and satellite mapping, we can go back in time and see a very depressing site - the dismantling of Astroworld.

It's kind of odd how you see it though.

- First click here.
- At the top of the screen under the Aerial tab, click the "Bird's eye" view.
- Then move the view around with your mouse or the arrows until it goes black while loading a new image (Do this by going past the current vacant lot where the theme park once stood).
- Move back and it will transport you back in time like a hot tub time machine to just a few years ago (not to the actual 1980s)
- Shed a tear

- Old video taken of Astroworld when it was actually open
- VIDEO: Astroworld's last days
- Where did those Astroworld rides go?

(Thanks Tim)


  1. I wish I had a seven year old to help me with this. I feel like my parents when they couldn't program the vcr. I can't get it to work. No "hot tub" escape from the cube for me this morning.


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