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Thursday, March 04, 2010

VIDEO: New KHOU 11 morning promos

Rise and shine Houston. The KHOU 11 promotions department has unleashed three morning show promotions. The above video features news anchors Vicente Arenas and Christine Haas. Is it just me or does Christine Haas have a Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) appeal?

- 11 News This Morning One Question
- 11 News This Morning - Beat The Traffic

- Christine Haas is new KHOU Channel 11 anchor
- KHOU 11 makes Net news for Wii traffic remote


  1. Nice. Don't think it'll get them out of last place tho.

  2. Its gotta clean look to it

  3. That Haas girl is soooo hot. I watch every morning just to see her smile. She is gorgeous. Is she married?

  4. In regards to comment number 5. You sound creepy! No wonder these TV folks have to be so damn private. Dude/Stalker get a freaking life


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