Monday, March 01, 2010

VIDEO: KPRC 2 from dusk till dawn (no vampires)

KPRC - 10PM to AM News (#3 :60 version) from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

The KPRC 2 promotions department is back at it with another eye catching video. Read more about the making of this promo at littlelostrobot.

- VIDEO: KPRC 2 Olympic Image
- VIDEO: KHOU 11 is everywhere
- VIDEO: Fox 26 KRIV shares its helicopter because it cares


  1. Not bad ... woulda been nice tho if they didn't recycle so many shots from the other new spot.

  2. I found the spots rather boring with nothing to drive me to their newscasts.

  3. Why was this video pulled? Can't take the comments?

  4. Sachse is as insincere as ever as she takes (demands in her contract?) the starring role. Both her and Freeman need wardrobe help. Owen is plain awful.


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