Thursday, February 18, 2010

VIDEO: KPRC 2 Olympic Image

KPRC - 2010 Image Spot (#1 :30 version) from JL Watkins on Vimeo.

What KPRC 2 in Houston ran during the winter Olympics opening ceremony:

This Promo originally aired during the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympic Games. It features the KPRC News Anchors sharing their thoughts about Local 2 News, and how news comes at you from all directions. Bill, Dominique, Frank, Jerome, Rachel, Lauren, and Owen are all here for you!

(via LittleLostRobot)


  1. I understand that this was shot using a canon 5d mark II digital still camera!

  2. Nicely done. Funny to see them touting the lack of hype since that was their specialty under the previous regime.


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