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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Searching online for internships

Summer is quickly approaching and I am sure there are students out there wondering where they should do the all important internship. I interned at KTRK 13 as a youngster and ended up getting a job there so it does work. But where to begin?

A new site aptly called has just launched that helps you sort it all out. It actually works on different levels:

Post internships, Search for candidates, Manage your listings, Manage your interns and internship program

Identify the type of internship that meets your goals with the Internship Predictor, Build your resume, Learn how to be effective in an interview and how to dress for success, Search for internships

Higher Education
Post internship opportunities that are exclusive to your students, Customize and send materials about your students to prospective employers, Review and track the success of your student interns

I scanned around and found internship listings for MTV, ABC, NBC...etc, but it is not just a media site. If you type in Houston as the location, you will see listings for The Chronicle, NASA, Aeros, Dynamo...etc.

- Rapping to be a Colbert Report intern
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