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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

570 KLIF gets controversial talk show host Chris Krok from Macon, GA reports that Dallas 570 KLIF is about to get a new talk show host from WMAC-AM 940 that knows how to heat things up:

Controversial Macon radio talk show host Chris Krok is leaving town.

Krok announced after 8 a.m. Friday that Tuesday will be his last day at WMAC-AM 940 because he has accepted a job in Dallas, Texas, at radio station KLIF, where he has been filling in off and on. That station is also a Cumulus station and is in the fifth-largest radio market in the country. READ THE REST


  1. Judging by a lot of comments on their website I'd say he's either LOVED or HATED... kinda a sign of the times. Is KLIF really a move up considering their ratings?

  2. I don't know anything about the station's ratings actually.

  3. fuck the new guy!


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