Wednesday, January 06, 2010

VIDEO: WFAA 8 becomes TMZ for North Texas

WFAA 8's new entertainment guru Paul Salfen has a segment where he points out all of the celebrities hanging out in North Texas for the morning newscast. Are there that many celebrities in DFW to sustain this everyday? Every week?


  1. Booorrrrrrrrrrrriiiinng. Are they trying to put their viewers asleep on that morning show or wake them up?

  2. wooooooooow! He's sooooo nervous! He was shaking and yes that was helllllla boring. :/ yea wont last long. Or let me do it? im way more entertaining than that fool.

  3. Ok, two things... #1 - that guy has ZERO personality.

    #2 - Ugly Betty's Michael Urie was at Big D NYE - and is a Dallas native. He's actually ON tv currently (on WFAA, too) - which is more than Leeza Gibbons can say, I think. But no mention of him...

    oh, and one more thing... Did he not get any sound with Harrison Ford? That might've been nice to share with the viewers rather than babbling over video.

    Just a thought.

  4. I saw KTVT's live shot interview with Harrison Ford. That was soooooo much better than this WFAA crap!

    By the way, Harrison Ford is hot lunch, but MC Guff is synonymous with hot stud!


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