Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Houston gets Comcast Fancast Xfinity

Get ready for 12,000 hours of online content on demand from Comcast reports the Houston Business Journal:

Comcast Corp. on Tuesday is making available its On Demand Online experience to Houston customers as part of a nationwide rollout.

The 1 million Houston customers who have both a digital cable and Internet subscription with the Philadelphia-based communications company can access Fancast Xfinity TV for free at home or on-the-go via their computers. READ THE REST

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  1. The TV Everywhere option is awesome. I'm a consumer/employee with DISH Network and have the TV Everywhere through DISH. I am able to set up my recordings and watch my TV through my Ipad or Iphone. Comcast is catching up with introducing this product, but the downside is you have to be at home to watch anything through the Ipad. I would highly recommend this product to any consumer.


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