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Friday, December 04, 2009

Demoted TV journalists going to court in effort to get jobs back

Former KPRC 2 anchor Wendy Corona is mentioned in an American Journalism Review article on demoted television journalists going to court against their old stations:

Taking legal action against your employer and going public about it used to be rare in TV news. Rick Gevers, an agent who has represented on-air talent for more than a dozen years, has never had a client file a discrimination case, but he knows what his advice would be. "I would caution them that it's a small industry and it could be difficult to find that next job because of that" complaint.

So what's changed? The economy, for one thing. Discrimination complaints always jump during a recession; according to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, complaints in all industries were up 15 percent last year compared with 2007, the latest data available, and age discrimination charges increased 30 percent. READ THE REST
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