Friday, December 04, 2009

Demoted TV journalists going to court in effort to get jobs back

Former KPRC 2 anchor Wendy Corona is mentioned in an American Journalism Review article on demoted television journalists going to court against their old stations:

Taking legal action against your employer and going public about it used to be rare in TV news. Rick Gevers, an agent who has represented on-air talent for more than a dozen years, has never had a client file a discrimination case, but he knows what his advice would be. "I would caution them that it's a small industry and it could be difficult to find that next job because of that" complaint.

So what's changed? The economy, for one thing. Discrimination complaints always jump during a recession; according to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, complaints in all industries were up 15 percent last year compared with 2007, the latest data available, and age discrimination charges increased 30 percent. READ THE REST


  1. I've never understood lawsuits based on age, gender, or race in the "talent" side of television.

    It's all appearances. It's all demographics. It's all picking race and gender and age and appearance in consultant-driven formulas that package the drivel in familiar faces you'll be fooled into trusting.

    Blacks watch Blacks.
    Hispanics watch Hispanics.
    Whites watch Whites.
    Chinese watch Chinese.
    Koreans watch Koreans.
    and so on.
    (And to say Asian watches Asian, well, now THAT'S ignorant AND racist.)

    To think otherwise is pathetic, pollyanna, and puerile. (And all sorts of other words that begin with p. Pissant comes to mind.)

    It's as obvious as picking out kittens or puppies to mix and match.e

    Yes, this is at loggerheads with the law, equal opportunity and all, but you know what? You won't see a Hasidic Jew fronting La Raza, a Korean fronting NAACP, or a Muslim putting on a hood and marching at the front of a KKK demonstration. (Okay, so maybe that last one's a bit far-fetched.)

    Race, gender, and age ARE a factor. And you will rise or fall based on those things, in addition to the fact that you blow your lines on a prompter or go chasing the wrong story time and time again.


  2. So what you are saying piece of crap is that it is okay to make sexually harassing statements or racist jokes in front of or behind the person that is being fired?

    I wonder if you have been part of the crowd that thinks you are being funny but instead you are acting like an ass? Based on your comments, you are an ass!

  3. State your name, race, gender, and age so I can make funny statements about you then.

    Better yet, I'll wing it:

    Two anonymous walk into a bar. The bartender asks "What'll you have?" And the anonymous say "Whatever, doesn't matter."


  4. hey piece of crap, you are one pathetic loser! get a life and stop trolling like the little turd you are.


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