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Monday, November 30, 2009

HCC-TV seeking to lure the YouTube generation

It looks like even college TV is getting a makeover thanks to Internet video:

In the early days, HCC-TV filled its schedule with pretty pictures, lists of community activities and videotapes of college classes. Payne, a long-time social activist, started with the station a decade ago, when programs were shot with one camera and fancy graphics were nonexistent.
For an audience weaned on YouTube and MTV, that no longer works.

“The potted plant and two chairs, we don't do that anymore,” said Debra Martine McGaughey, the station's general manager. “It's a new day for college TV.”

Starting in January, there should be even more to see. McGaughey said the station will kick off a new schedule, including more programming by and about students. READ MORE
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