Friday, May 29, 2009

Dean and Rog to land at 107.5 K-Hits KGLK

We can only imagine since 107.5 K-Hits has changed its call letters to KGLK that the station is changing its image. What a perfect time to change when Dean and Rog take over the morning show June 1.

Speaking of Dean and Rog, The Houston Chronicle's David Barron had a long talk with the Houston morning radio show duo:

They do not shrink from the opportunity to spell out the differences between listening to Dean and Rog and to Walton and Johnson. “The problem with the show that has replaced us is that we all have opinions. We all have politics,” [Roger] Beaty said. “But our whole point when we go on the air is we realize there are a number of our listeners that really are dreading going to their jobs. And this is the truth. What is it that we say, Dean? ‘If we can make a few people laugh …’ ”
“We always said that if we could make just one person laugh out there ... we would be fired because it’s not enough,” [Dean] Myers said. “We need more of them laughing. Really, we do try to take people away from the problems of the world. Man, there are a lot of problems in the world, and you don’t want to think about that stuff all day.” READ MORE

Barron says Dean and Rog will run from 5 to 10am followed by Suzi Hanks from 10am to noon.

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