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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Giff Neilsen leaves Channel 11 KHOU

As I first reported on Twitter and Facebook, KHOU Channel 11 sports director Giff Nielsen is leaving the Houston sports TV scene:

Nielsen returned to work Monday after a two-week vacation. During his absence, the Belo Corp.-owned station laid off his two sports producers, including longtime Nielsen associate Carleton Cole, as part of its plan to cut 150 jobs at 20 TV stations nationwide.
“There may be a better sportscaster out there, but you won’t find a better person than Gifford Nielsen,” said Keith Connors, the station’s news director. “There’s nobody better than Giff, and while we hate to see him go, it’s a great opportunity for him to move on.”
Connors said Butch Alsandor will take over Channel 11’s weeknight sportscasts, and Matt Musil will anchor on weekends. Belo currently has a hiring freeze, so Nielsen’s position will remain unfilled. READ THE REST

Giff Nielsen retiring after 25 years on Channel 11

(Image courtesy of KHOU )


  1. "Them Sportsguys are a dime a dozen!"

    - Cookie

  2. Neilsen retired because KHOU and other news stations in Houston are feeling the economic recession very hard.

    First Wendy Corona is sent packing from KPRC, I doubt if she'll stay in Houston ever again after she got thrown under the bus.

    Cookie, I wonder if Bob Slovak at KTRK will be the next one to get the boot.


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