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101 KLOL documentary Runaway Radio Houston screening
WATCH: Mike McGuff's "Runaway Radio" 101 KLOL documentary - now streaming!

Monday, March 04, 2024

Modern Storyteller's podcast

Here is episode #2 of Houston journalist Richard Tew's Modern Storyteller's podcast. 

Guests included NASA's Executive Producer of Live Broadcasts Sami Aziz, The Post Newspaper's feature’s editor Ruth Ann Ruiz, and me. 

We had a great time discussing the art of storytelling, and what it takes to make it as both an independent or network filmmaker. 

We also discussed local storytelling vis-à-vis, reporting on local topics in a newspaper or online. As you might guess, the last part is me, and I got a few tidbits in about my now released 101 KLOL documentary "Runaway Radio."

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