Monday, May 16, 2022

Lena Arango goes makeup free on FOX 26 KRIV

Lena Maria Arango gave FOX 26 KRIV Houston viewers the weather forecast with no makeup or "filter free" IRL (In Real Life).

This after Instagram disabled certain filters in Texas concerning a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Ken Paxton alleging facial-recognition technology violating state law and privacy rights.

Arango said it if more than just the filter related Texas news, but the issue of what these filters represent. 

Here is what the meteorologist said on the FOX 26 morning news last Friday.

"And I think it's not just the fact that the facial recognition, but I think it points out kind of a deeper underlying issue that we feel so much pressure to live up to these unrealistic expectations that we're constantly seeing on social media. 

So I made the split second decision this morning to go on live TV without a single drop of makeup on my face. 

And I do think it's important to kind of spread that message, to just be comfortable in your own skin. Not a single one of us guys are perfect, and that includes the forecast."

"Wake Up! With SallyMac & Lina" anchors Lina De Florias and Sally MacDonald didn't even notice that Arango wasn't wearing makeup when the first walked in. 

MacDonald added that Arango asked if the anchor team wanted to participate.

"And we didn't want to frighten people awake," joked De Florias on air. "I wouldn't do that to our viewers. For me personally, it would would be noticeable."

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