Thursday, February 13, 2020

Shannon LaNier launches Daddy Duty 365 podcast

CW39 Morning Dose's Shannon LaNier tackles celebrities and fatherhood with Daddy Duty 365 podcast

CW39 Morning Dose KIAH anchor Shannon LaNier has launched a new podcast and it's geared to fathers or anyone who likes celebrity dads.

His first season of the "Daddy Duty 365" podcast includes interviews with names like Chris Pratt, Master P, Sting and Trae Tha Truth just to name a few! LaNier's goal is to go beyond the celeb's latest movie, album or comedy show and expose the fun, crazy and unpredictable lives of real Dads on Duty 365 days of the year.

Mike McGuff: There are so many mother related blogs and podcasts out there, why does there need to be one for fathers?

Shannon LaNier: There is so much negative news surrounding deadbeat dads that we have to let the world know that there are also a lot of amazing and responsible dads that are taking care of and loving their kids. We rarely hear celebrity dads talk about that side of their lives, but the “Daddy Duty 365” podcast offers that opportunities for our favorite stars to reveal the good, the bad and the funny of fatherhood. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes it’s oh so wrong, but at least they are a positive present force in their kids’ lives. We not only want to highlight our star-studded dads, #DD365 wants to help and encourage other dads to be even better fathers. We offer tips, solutions and in some cases a blue print to daddy duty 365 situations.

MM: How did you come up with the idea to produce the Daddy Duty 365 podcast?

SL: I have 3 kids and am unapologetically a present and active much so that people kept saying you have to help my husband or encourage my baby’s father. So, the Daddy Duty 365 podcast was born to help. People love and look up to celebrities, so who better for dads to listen to than their favorite athlete, actor, singer, boxer, and entertainer b/c some dads surely aren’t listening to their wives… but don’t worry, we help with that too! LOL!

MM: You have interviewed a lot of big names, what was there reaction when you started asking about their daddy duties?

SL: When interviewing celebrity dads like Chris Pratt, Sting, & Omari Hardwick to name a few, they always love talking about their kids. Most interviews give them 3 minutes to talk about their latest project, but they rarely get to talk about their most important job and the one they love the most...fatherhood. So I provide them with the outlet and they take off. I’m also always surprised at how vulnerable a lot of the celebrity dads allow themselves to be. On the Daddy Duty 365 podcast, they aren’t just saying what their publicist wants them to say, we are having real, heartfelt and thoughtful conversations. That’s a breath of fresh air!

Although the podcast is called Daddy Duty 365 and it’s for dads by dads, moms are welcome to be a fly on the wall and listen in. Even if their child’s father isn’t the best communicator, we’ll be there to fill in the gaps and tell you what they’re likely thinking. We cover just about every topic and nothing is untouchable so we’ll help out the mom’s too.

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LaNier knows the dad life well as he and wife, Chandra, have three children - Madison, McKenzie and Carter. Some of the topics he and the guests discuss include mom and dad dating with kids, breast feeding (from a dad’s perspective), raising kids with special needs, homework hell, daddy dinners made easy, finding laughter after loss, dads doing hair and more.

The Kent State University graduate, who has been co-anchoring Morning Dose with Sharron Melton since 2018, previously worked as the weekend morning anchor at Fios1 News in New York.

He is also an author. LaNier co-wrote wrote the book "Jefferson’s Children: The Story of One American Family" about his journey to uncover the history behind his heritage as a ninth generation direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings.

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