Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Where is Lisa Hernandez?

Lisa Hernandez has her baby!

Her social media accounts went cold in late August and apparently she hasn't been on KHOU 11 in weeks, so where is anchor Lisa Hernandez?

Monday, I started getting lots of questions from readers about the whereabouts of Hernandez. It was just all of a sudden. Channel 11 viewers collectively wondered where the longtime anchor disappeared to.

I also found out FTVLive posted about Hernandez so maybe more Houston TV viewers read the TV trades then I thought. They also might wonder why Scott Jones wears sunglasses.

One viewer told me Hernandez has been gone three weeks, another says four weeks.

Back in May of 2019, Hernandez announced she is pregnant with her second daughter. She said the baby is due in November.

Hernandez, and husband ESPN 97.5FM host Joel Blank, welcomed their first daughter to the world in 2015.

The station also announced in early August that Hernandez would be moving to weekends, but she has not appeared on those newscasts either.

I reached out to Hernandez, but did not hear back.

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