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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Melanie Lawson's car broken into, a look at car break-ins in Houston

From the highs to the lows, last week we celebrated anchor Melanie Lawson's anniversary with abc13 KTRK and today, we learn her car was broken into near the Museum District.

"FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY," posted Lawson to Facebook. "That’s how you feel when someone breaks into your car. Windows smashed and your valuables taken – You feel so violated. It happened to me two nights ago and I’m not the only one."

Reporter Marla Carter did an expanded look into this crime with the five new hot spots for car break-ins in Houston.

Lawson told Carter that she was eating at a nice restaurant and even parked in a well-lit garage. She came back and her back window as smashed out with others cracked. Three windows had to be replaced.

The thieves got her bag which had an iPad and documents in it. They even took her lunch kit.

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