Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Former Houston journalists start “What’s Left America” podcast

You have either read, heard or watched the following people in the Houston media for years.

Now attorney and broadcast legal analyst Chris Tritico, former US Congressman and radio journalist Chris Bell and former newspaper journalists Andi Georgsson and James Campbell are newly minted podcasters.

The quartet have come together to produce “What’s Left America,” a news and pop culture podcast focusing on left-leaning politics.

Here is more from the release:

When you put four outspoken progressives from diverse backgrounds and with a wealth of experience in media, politics and law in a recording studio, you get “What’s Left America,” a news and pop culture podcast focusing on left-leaning politics. In just the two months since its launch, listeners all over the United States and in 10 other countries have downloaded and subscribed to What’s Left America.

Podcast host and moderator Chris Tritico brings 20 years of radio and television experience to the podcast, leading his three co-hosts in lively discussion of the week’s hottest topics. An award-winning practicing attorney who has represented many high-profile clients, Tritico’s calm “voice of reason” keeps the discussion sharp and on point.

Former U.S. congressman and raconteur par excellence Chris Bell not only knows where the bodies are buried but possesses the hard-won political experience that makes him particularly qualified to opine on the difficult issues facing the nation in today’s hyper-charged partisan climate. A long-time Democratic Party activist, Bell also maintains a thriving law practice.

A newspaper journalist of nearly three decades, Andi Georgsson spent 13 years as a member of the Editorial Board of the Houston Chronicle. The board’s first (and only) black woman member, she served as an editorial writer, columnist and as Editorial Board Deputy Editor before retiring in 2008. Her insight, humor and tenacity are a perfect foil for her What’s Left America co-hosts.

James Campbell, the first African-American on the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board, had a long news career before leaving the field for corporate life. A native Houstonian, Campbell not only knows all the best restaurants — soul food and otherwise — he knows 100 percent more people than you do and has approximately three times as many friends. Campbell brings his own brand of common sense to the What’s Left America crew and a thoughtful take on every topic.

You can listen to What's Left America in Podcasts here.

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