Wednesday, February 14, 2018

John Clay Wolfe celebrates 1,000th show at ESPN 97.5 FM

Houston-area fans salute syndicated broadcaster’s milestone

Photo credit: Theresa DiMenno

(Ft. Worth, Texas/February 11, 2018) Fans of John Clay Wolfe, whose weekly radio show airs Saturday mornings on terrestrial stations in 20 US markets, rallied in Houston on Saturday (2/10) to celebrate Wolfe’s 1,000th radio broadcast. Following a live show originating from the studios of Houston affiliate ESPN 97.5 FM, listeners welcomed Wolfe and his broadcast teammates JD Ryan and character voice master Bobby Brown (Bobbo) for a party staged in the Gow Media complex.

“If we could do this in every market that hears us, we’d do it in a minute”, said Wolfe. “A four hour broadcast, handshakes and photos with 300 listeners, hundreds of free t-shirts, and I don’t know how many cases of Miller Lite. I’d call that a pretty good Saturday!”

Wolfe, whose broadcast career began in 2006 and has run concurrently with the growth of his wildly successful wholesale auto business, caught radio fever while listening to Stevens and Pruett (later of KLOL) in Dallas during the 80’s. Today, his weekly broadcasts infuse edgy, topical, observational humor with recurring characters as Wolfe takes calls from listeners wishing to sell him their cars before they submit to dealer trade-in practices. Supported by his proprietary online bidding system, Wolfe accurately calculates then communicates his offer to car owners—live—while listeners experience the on air exchange vicariously.

“People who haven’t heard the show, don’t get it, “Wolfe observes. “A guy who buys cars on the radio, with visits by Tony Romo’s dad, Satan, and a chipmunk named Randy, between music breaks orchestrated by our local affiliates? Sounds like shooting a Fellini movie at a swap meet after a Skynyrd concert. But that’s our show.”

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The life of native Texan John Clay Wolfe will someday make a great movie, but more than likely not as an after school special on The Lifetime Channel. He has survived a near-fatal motocross crash that left him paralyzed, the embezzlement of millions by an employee, a bitter divorce, and a start and stop broadcast career. A lesser man would have neither endured nor recovered. Today, after years of surgery and physical therapy, dozens of astute business moves, and a defiant return to the airwaves, John Clay Wolfe has regained his physical and entrepreneurial footing. He is the founder and CEO of one of the largest automotive wholesaling operations in the US, regularly setting then breaking his own Manheim auction records. The John Clay Wolfe radio show is broadcast weekly to hundreds of thousands of US radio listeners and his network of affiliates is growing every week. The avid sports fan and licensed pilot is happily married to Danish beauty Jeanette and the two make their home in the Fort Worth area with their four children.

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