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Thursday, January 19, 2017

KHOU 11 is first Houston TV station to use drone

Drone 11 debuted on KHOU during this week's Houston flood coverage

 photo drone11_image_zpsyjg1zlhx.jpg
In today's world orange is the new black, energy drinks are the new soft drinks and drones are the new TV news choppers?

Well, I wouldn't go that far, but drones are hot right now and it's no surprise that they are finding their way into TV news coverage.

Enter Drone 11.

KHOU 11 introduced the latest tool in its news-gathering arsenal yesterday during the latest flood event.

"Drone photography is a wonderful new way to enhance our storytelling capabilities and KHOU is very proud to be the first television station in Houston to deploy a drone in the newsgathering process," KHOU 11 President & General Manager Susan McEldoon told

So now anytime there is a situation that calls for it, the station tells me its staff of trained photojournalists can utilize Drone 11.

"We identified a number of individuals that had the interest and skill in learning," McEldoon told me. "We provided in-station training and they all had to take the FAA test to become licensed. Once licensed we conducted “hands-on” training for them to learn how to operate the drone."

I'm sure the channel 11 staff can handle Drone 11 better than my son and I can fly consumer grade ones! We both need that training!

McEldoon adds that all of the TEGNA stations are or will be using drones in the future.


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