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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Time Rewind partners with Galveston's Ball High & Mesquite ISD's KEOM 88.5

Time Rewind to inaugurate new student radio station with exclusive Dec. 16 live broadcast

Time Rewind, the daily, one-minute pop culture radio feature heard across the United States since 2007, has officially designated Ball High School as its broadcast flagship. The move coincides with Ball High School’s launch of KTOR, a student-operated Internet radio station that becomes the latest addition to the school’s elaborate on-campus broadcast center, Tor Nation Studios.

The flagship designation recognizes Ball High School as the “home base” for Time Rewind’s nationwide family of radio affiliates. It follows a successful pilot of Time Rewind as a component of the announcements presented each morning to 2,000 students and faculty, and throughout the day to hundredsof Galveston viewers on the Galveston Independent School District’s dedicated cable channel.

Through collaboration with Ball High School’s Media Arts department, Time Rewind combines state-of-the-art audio and video production technology with the teaching of history and pop culture.

Students have taken Time Rewind’s original audio format, and by meticulously researching and adding photographs and video clips, have converted it into a mini-documentary for the announcements that are delivered as a video newscast called The Express.

The go-live of KTOR Radio will feature an exclusive, live, in-studio presentation of Time Rewind.

Executive producer and host David Mendel, who normally produces and distributes Time Rewind to his affiliates weeks in advance, plans to present the Wednesday, December 16 edition live from the KTOR studios in celebration of the launch.

“Way before the advent of television and the Internet, radio was theater of the mind—a major source of live entertainment and exclusive source of breaking news and information,” said Mendel, who is based in Houston, where he worked as day editor and City Hall reporter for KTRH Radio in the 1990s. “What better way to inspire the students of Ball High School than by delivering a live version of the Time Rewind feature that they and their teachers enjoy every day?”

After piloting Time Rewind during the 2014-15 academic year, Ball High School faculty and administrators concluded that incorporating the feature in the Media Arts program, which falls under Career and Technical Education (CTE) umbrella, enables students and teachers to make powerful connections to real-life applications.

“Teachers have told me that Time Rewind is a daily catalyst for extended conversations in the classroom and that often its content is perfectly aligned with what is being taught that day,” said Mike Dudas, Media Arts coach. “We could not be happier and more honored that David Mendel has devoted his time and talents to inspiring our students, and has gone even further by designating Ball High School the broadcast flagship of Time Rewind."

The flagship designation also enables Ball High School to interact with other schools around the country that have signed on to carry
Time Rewind in their daily student announcements as well as on their student-operated radio and television stations.

The latest affiliate is the Mesquite (Texas) Independent School District’s 61,000-watt KEOM (88.5 FM), which broadcasts throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth market and streams its programming online.

“By combining their vision and creativity with the technical skills they are learning, the Media Arts students at Ball High School are setting out on a path to become our next generation of journalists, videographers and producers,” noted Mendel, who has taught a variety of broadcast writing and production courses at The Art Institute of Houston.

Ball High School is one of the only public high schools in Texas to operate a communications complex that features a television studio, green room, editing suite, Internet radio station and Jumbotron screens. The equipment for Tor Nation Studios was purchased through grants from the Magnet Schools of America and the Galveston Independent School District Educational Foundation.

About Time Rewind
Time Rewind is a one-minute daily audio feature that celebrates history and popular culture. Since it premiered on radio stations across the United States in 2007, it has entertained and educated listeners of all ages about landmark and culturally defining events
and innovations. Executive producer and host David Mendel, who has worked in radio, television, film and public relations during a more than 30-year communications career, combines memorable sound bites, music tracks, themes and jingles to paint a vivid picture of each day in history. Time Rewind is a production of Broadcastpast, LLC.

(This post has been taken from a release sent to me by Time Rewind)

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