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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Frank Fallon & John Morris, 2 Voices of the Baylor Bears talk careers and BU sports (1999)

Current and former "Voice of the Baylor Bears" Frank Fallon & John Morris talk to Mike McGuff in 1999 interview

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As the Baylor Bears are ranked 4th in the AP Top 25 with an 8-0 record, I decided to pull out an interview I did with the current and former "Voice of the Baylor Bears." It was my biggest interview ever at the time.

In February 1999, a very nervous 21-year-old Mike McGuff interviewed Frank Fallon and John Morris for Baylor Spotlight on 107.1 KWBU Radio Free Waco.

The Baylor radio men discussed their broadcasting careers, great stories from The Southwest Conference (SWC), The Big XII Conference and more. In fact, they tell a story about Texas A&M pulling a Longhorn Network stunt, before the Longhorn Network.

In this snapshot in time, the Bears had just wrapped up two 2-9 seasons under Coach Dave Roberts. The Baylor Ballpark was still being built.

Fallon served as the "Voice of the Baylor Bears" from 1953-95 and spent two decades as the public address announcer for the NCAA Final Four. He died in 2004 at the age of 73.

Morris took over as the "Voice of the Baylor Bears" when Fallon retired and still holds the job till this day.

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