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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Chau Nguyen's post Houston TV news life

Former KHOU 11 anchor Chau Nguyen has a new calling after television news

Chau Nguyen
Life is much quieter for former KHOU 11 anchor/reporter Chau Nguyen these days.

"I am working in my first huge office, whereas in a newsroom, we reporters all sat in cubicles," Nguyen told "Although I love the buzz, and at times miss the frantic rush of a newsroom, I cherish the ability to sit at my desk, plan my day and know my deadlines are not so quite immediate!"

Nguyen hasn't been on TV since 2007, but still gets looked up on my blog by former viewers to this very day wondering her whereabouts. She doesn't appear to be looking back and has avoided television news' siren song that calls to those looking to change course.

"I really would say to walk away from the fear of what ifs and to walk through the courage of what can happen," Nguyen explained to me. "I can say life after TV news may not be as lucrative or public, but it is so much more fulfilling. I am happy, content and I am so much full of purpose. Which is ironically what so many of us went into TV news for...the search for truth and purpose."

That search for truth and purpose sent Nguyen on a journey to help others.

Post television news, Nguyen, earned a masters degree in social work, married former Houston City Council member Rob Todd, had two kids (ages 1 and 3), and became a psychotherapist.

She is now Manager of Community Involvement at The Women’s Home in Montrose.

According to its website, The Women’s Home, which has been in existence for more than 50 years, helps women who struggle with addiction, mental illness, homelessness, past abuse and a lack of job skills or education.

"TV has been about true purpose and connection and helping others in times of need," Nguyen added. "I absolutely believe as a former reporter, how can one not be a natural social worker? In other words, when one covers other's crisis, how can you not want to help effect change? To treat others as individuals and to seek justice and equality among humans? How can you not be compassionate in the face of what a reporter has seen or witnessed?"

Nguyen will still be using her journalistic knowledge, but in a new way. Part of her job will be helping members of the media with story ideas and providing experts to interview concerning women in recovery.

"Going from a journalist to a social worker is a natural transition," Nguyen explained. "We seek truth, we treat humans as individuals and we demand justice for all.

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