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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Bill Balleza back from summer break on KPRC 2; Dominique Sachse now gone

Bill Balleza back on channel 2, Sachse off

KPRC 2's Bill Balleza talks about facelift

Bill Balleza
Bill Balleza
During the month of July, KPRC 2 viewers were asking where the heck is anchor Bill Balleza?

If you followed my Facebook page (click here to get those extra Houston news items), I wrote last week how Balleza actually had the entire month off! That's a heck of a perk!

"Summer is slow for us so we take most of our time off during these months," Balleza wrote on Facebook during his break. "I'm looking forward to getting back to work, but time off is a great battery re-charger isn't it?"

I'm sure viewers are happy to see a familiar KPRC face back in their living rooms. In fact, I received lots of email about his return.

Balleza's absence left KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse to do the heavy lifting in his absence.  Don't worry about Sachse though, she's now on vacation and will return August 12th. As Sache wrote on Facebook, she and Balleza are "two ships passing in the night."

KPRC 2's Bill Balleza talks about facelift

 photo billballezareturn_zps98a75b67.jpg
Bill Balleza anchoring today on KPRC with Rachel McNeill who was filling in for Dominique Sachse.

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