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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sam Malone's debut on 1070 The Answer KNTH

Video shows off Sam Malone's first day on AM 1070 The Answer KNTH

As I first blogged last week, Houston radio's Sam Malone is the new morning show host on AM 1070 The Answer KNTH from 7 to 10am. Yesterday was his very first show and Sam's crew put together this video (embedded above).

Sam Malone on Phonoscope and 1070 The Answer KNTHClose observers might notice that Malone is doing the show from the radio station. You might remember that what makes this show very different is the television component on Phonoscope cable channel 11. Well, hold your horses and put down the TV remote till next week.

"We start the TV launch next Monday the 25th," Malone told me. "We are fired up about this ground breaking project!"

Radio fans will notice that longtime Houston radio man Chuck Tiller is featured in the video too. According to his bio, Chuck has been on the air in Houston for more than 33 years (he was the first producer of the legendary Hudson & Harrigan Show on KILT).

I understand a caller gave me a shout out on Malone's premiere show. Thanks for that. If you are a radio station caller, I suggest giving me a shout out all the time from now on (Boatie in Pearland, I'm looking at you!). In fact, maybe I can become the Baba Booey of Houston!

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